The Council is a collective of LJ Hooker Franchise Owners who together present a single voice to LJ Hooker Corporation, as Franchisor, in respect of the activities and offerings of the Franchisor. The Council is an Association under The Associations Incorporations Act (NSW) 1984, and operates under Rules established under this Act. The Council is totally independent of  LJ Hooker Corporation.

The LJ Hooker Franchise Owners Council was formed in 1990 following the acquisition of the LJ Hooker business by Suncorp. The Council’s prime purpose is to represent the rights and interests of LJ Hooker Franchisees. It aims to foster a harmonious working relationship between the Franchisor and Franchisee and to advise the Franchisor on matters relevant to the betterment and conduct of the LJ Hooker network.

Membership of this unique body is both a privilege and an exciting opportunity to have direct input into improving and maintaining the great name of LJ Hooker. This offers the franchise network “hands-on” access to the decision-makers responsible for shaping the future of the leading real estate group in Australia.

LJ Hooker welcomes and encourages ideas and feedback from every Franchisee. You have a serious voice in all areas of operation through the Council’s direct access to executive management and by having two Council members sitting on the Company’s Board.

A strong Franchise Owners Council means protection in terms of Franchisee Representation on the Company’s Board which includes:

  • Input about proposed expenditure of the Marketing Fund (including any sub-fund such as a Contingency Fund)
  • Consultation about the terms of the Franchise Agreement and Business Operations Manual
  • A vehicle for Franchisees to participate in any future equity offer
  • Direct access to executive management of LJ Hooker, including having 2 members of the Council who are also directors of the Company and participate in board meetings.

Following are the original objectives of the LJ Hooker Franchise Owners Council, written in 1990. Aside from the introduction of specialty franchises and the inclusion of New Zealand Franchisees, these objectives stand true today.

1. Promote the image and standing of the LJ Hooker name in the Australian community 2. Assist in the improvement of the standards applicable to the conduct of the LJ Hooker Real Estate agency franchise.

3. Promote and advance the collective rights and interests of the LJ Hooker Real Estate Agency member Franchisees.

4. Promote and encourage cooperation and the flow of information between the Franchisees, and between Franchisees and Franchisor.

5. Act as the representative of the member Franchisees in their dealings with the Franchisor for the purpose of making representations to initiating and conducting negotiations with the Franchisor in respect of ongoing alterations, amendments, and additions to the Business Operations Manual.

6. Consult, where necessary, with the Franchisor in respect of any proposed changes to the contents of the Franchise Agreement.

7. Coordinate the annual appointment of two of the Council Committee as directors of the Company, LJ Hooker Franchising Pty Ltd.

8. Mediate in disputes between Franchisees through adjudication committees established by the Governing Body of the Council of LJ Hooker Franchise Owners Inc.

A member must be a natural person who either alone or jointly holds a current valid LJ Hooker franchise agreement or alone or jointly effectively controls a company or partnership which holds a current LJ Hooker franchise agreement. Only one person may be nominated as a qualified person from time to time by the holder of an LJ Hooker franchise agreement. Members must also pay the annual membership fee.

The annual membership fee is $247.50 + GST for a single Franchise. Discounts are given for members holding multiple franchises.

Membership fees are invoiced to you annually.

As well as fulfilling the general objectives of the Council, committee members are active in meetings with their designated “portfolio” and with Council group-buying initiatives, such as the LJ Hooker Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme. In terms of portfolios, each committee member is allocated an important area of the company’s operation such as training, property management, auctions, technology, etc. In each of these areas, committee members work closely with LJ Hooker senior management in a co- operative way to help improve and enhance the franchise offer.

The President and Vice President, in addition to their general duties as delegates, typically fill two spaces on the Company’s Board reserved for committee members of Council.

The business of the Council is managed by an elected committee of 12 Franchisees who give up their time to represent either a geographical area or specialty franchise. Committee members are elected by their peers for a two-year term. A President and Vice President are elected each year by the committee members. Two committee members of Council, usually the President and Vice President, also sit on the Company’s Board.

To nominate for your region or business area, you will need to complete The Nomination of Candidate for Election as Member of the Committee form signed by 5 current financial members of the Council. This form should be delivered to the Secretary not less than one month prior to the next Annual General Meeting.

If no nominations are received for a specific region or business area, the position will be deemed a casual vacancy.

If only one nomination is received, the person will be deemed elected.

If more than one nomination is received a ballot will be held in that region or business area.

There is one councilor representing the following regions:

  • Northern Queensland
  • Southern Queensland
  • Northern New South Wales
  • Southern NSW & ACT
  • Metro New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • South Australia & Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Tasmania

Currently the only Business Area represented on Council is LJ Hooker Commercial

Under the Act an Association must hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year within six months after the expiry of each financial year. A notice will be issued to each member prior to the AGM including a proxy voting form. Members are welcome to attend the AGM.

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